About Us (continued)


The Railway also gives the opportunity for members to involve themselves in other activities. Whether these are in the areas of civil engineering, building construction, track fabrication, signalling or just cutting the grass, there is something for all. All of the facilities seen at our tracksite have been constructed by the members. On Wednesdays a group of members meet during the day, when most of the maintenance and construction work is undertaken, along with plenty of time for tea and a natter.


The Club was formed in 1976 and was then known as the Canvey Railway Club. During the years 1979-1983 the raised level track was constructed at the clubs present location (Waterside Sports Centre). The Club House was opened in 1989, the storage building and ground level track appeared in 1996, the Ken Acors memorial bridge was built during 1999 followed by the signal box in 2000, the carriage shed in 2001/2 and the ground level station in 2005. See CLUB GROUNDS for more details.


New members are always most welcome. If you are intersted in joining then approach any of our members at one of our public events, or come along to a Wednesday gathering or a Friday evening club meeting. Alternatively, contact us by e-mail. Unfortunately, we do not cater for Model Aircraft, but there are local clubs for this activity (See links page)


By email at :info@cramec.org.

The club does not have a permanent telephone at the club house.